Silbond Self-Curing Insulation Protective Packing Material
Product and Construction Instructions

Product Description
Silbond self-curing insulation protective packing material is specially designed for insulation protection of 35kV and below cable, optical cable, bare wire and exposed electrical connection point in line, especially for quick repair work. It can be widely used in civil power, communication system and for insulation strengthening, waterproof seal and skin damage repair of military supporting equipment.
With various product specifications and easy operation, time and effort can be saved when it is installed. According to the needs of the site during construction, it has high adaptability to the substrate and can be arbitrarily cut and shaped without heating and special tools.

Product Performance
●It can cure at room temperature and react under the trace moisture in the air.
●With strip packing material, it can be of flexible construction and operated freely in narrow space, easy access to different-shaped base material.
●It is easy to install, no need for training and special tools and of faster work at height.
●It does not harden at low temperature and not flow at high temperature.
Construction is not subject to time, both suitable in the north and south.
●With fine and uniform material, insulation performance is not interfered with by human factors.
●High UV aging resistance and reliable bonding.
●Excellent flexibility, heat resistance and fire retardant.
●It is anti-freezing and of salt spray resistance with EU RoHS and Reach certification. With flexible size packaging, it can be customized according to the demand.

●When the bare overhead line is too close to buildings or trees and the electrical safety distance is insufficient, this product can be used for the partial insulation reinforcement.
●It can be used for overhead circuit clamp waterproof seal and insulation protection.
●It can be used for waterproof sealing and protection of bare metal parts at electrical connection.
●It is applied to the top of overhead line support insulators for insulation to prevent bird nesting from causing short circuits
●For overhead conductor partial insulation repair.
●For terminal repair of slightly damaged cable.
●It is used for insulation seal of bare metal parts such as busbar connection points in switchgear.
●For plugging of the cable entry hole at bottom of the switchgear.
●It is also applied to other parts that require insulation enhancement, waterproof, moisture proof, and skin damage repair.

Main Performance Parameters
Item Typical Value
Exterior Black strip sheet
Before use Open the package and use it
Shelf life ≥ 300 days
Unpacking use period 30 minutes
Fully cured Seven days

Curing Properties
Shore hardness 22A
Tensile strength (MPa) 2.19
Elongation at break (%) 410
Electrical breakdown strength (kV/mm) 22.1
Dielectric constant 3.0
Volume resistivity (Ω.cm) 2.06×1015
Dielectric loss factor 0.0015
Flammability rating V1
Water Insulation (12kV/4h) Unbroken
Withstand voltage frequency (30kV/5min) Unbroken
UV accelerated aging Without abnormality for 1008 hours
Hot and cold impact (-40 ~ +85 °C) Without abnormality in 200 cycles
Environmental protection With RoHS certification
**Get test report and more performance indicators and please contact Seazheng Information Technology Co., Ltd..

Construction Steps
1.Cut the vacuum bag from any three sides and take out of the product.
2.Uncover one side of Silbond release film.
3.Keep the surface of the release film uncovered aligned with the coated object (e. g. overhead line) and attach it.
4.Slowly uncover the release film on the other side, and carefully wrap the uncovered Silbond on the coated object (e.g. overhead line).
5.Use Silbond to wrap the coated object (e.g. overhead line).
6.Compact and smooth Silbond evenly, checking whether there is a gap in the joint surface.
**3~5cm laps between two Silbonds to ensure reliable sealing.

Silbond 901 600mm×90mm×1.8mm
Silbond 801 1000mm×80mm×1.8mm
*1.8mm thickness is only for 10KV and below products; 3.5mm thickness for 35KV and below. Specific pressure resistance can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Package Style
Silbond 901 3 pieces/bag, 2 bags/box
Silbond 801 3 pieces/pack, 2 packs/box
* Please store in the light and dry environment at 5~30°C. In case of damage to the package, it is prohibited to use.

This product should be used carefully and is forbidden to swallow. Before and during use, users must pay attention to the safety label on the package and obey the safety regulations of national and local policies. For this product use, it needs professionals to recommend the site according to the product instructions. During construction, it is necessary to take some measures to protect the environment and maintain on-site ventilation.

The data in this manual was obtained by our company under laboratory conditions. However, there are many factors that affect the construction quality such as substrate processing quality and construction conditions in actual applications and it is difficult to control. Therefore, we will not shoulder any indirect responsibility for the performance of the product unless specific written consent is issued. Prior to use, the users should evaluate whether this product is suitable for their current needs. In the absence of the company’s consent, if using the product out of range of this manual’s explicit recommendations, the users does it at their own risk. We reserve the right to modify this manual without any notice to customers because of product improvement.