Seazheng:China Communications + China Electric = CCE

Seazheng is a special and special new enterprise specializing in the service of power and communication industry in Shanghai. The partners have exquisite technology and profound scientific research foundation, and continue to develop green and environmental protection materials, supply electricity and communication products. It is the leading waterproof insulation overall scheme provider of the global operation service in China. To provide customers with high quality waterproof insulation solutions and services for global communications, electric power, automobile seals, petroleum, marine engineering, aerospace and other fields, and achieve win-win cooperation with customers, and provide the best quality products for the entire power and communications industry.


The company constantly inject fresh blood, pay attention to the introduction of management personnel and technical personnel. Company existing staff 100 people, including management staff accounted for 10%, engineering and technical personnel account for 30%, including 20 senior engineers, engineers more than 40 people. The enterprise has perfect scientific research and development, process design and pre-sale, sale, after sale service system.


Seazheng is a member of the association of Shanghai Electric Power Industry Association, Shanghai Information Service Industry Association, Shanghai technology transfer association and Shanghai practice Broker Association. In 2016, it established a wholly owned subsidiary, Shanghai Hai Zheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., and recognized by the ISO9001 international quality management system in 2017. It has passed UL certification, CSA certification, CE certification, ASTM certification and so on. It also passed the quality inspection of the Wuhan high voltage technical testing center, the national aging Institute (chemical industrial synthetic material aging quality supervision and inspection center), the national fire prevention material quality inspection center and so on.


In 2010, Seazheng was developing and producing electric power and communication equipment products. The independent brand of Seazheng was sold well both at home and abroad, especially in coastal developed cities, and exported to Russia, Middle East, South Africa and other places.

Hai Zheng is located in China’s power equipment, communication base station, petrochemical, mining equipment, marine equipment, marine equipment, solar energy industry and wind energy industry, and a large integrated provider of integrated scheme service provider.


Specific business and solutions:

[1] power: cable assemblies and supporting equipment, cable joints for power, ships, coal mines and drilling platforms, and waterproof and anticorrosive insulation solutions.

[2] Communications: three major operators of telecommunications, mobile, Unicom and China tower base station to build waterproof insulation anticorrosion solutions.


It mainly involves five industries: communications, power, ships, petrochemical, coal mines and other related industries and telecommunications related customers. At present, the company mainly serves HUAWEI,ZET, Datang, Putian, Beacon, New post, North electric and so on, foreign CISCO, NOKIA, Ericsson, SIEMENS, Nortel, High pass,Utstarcom and other communications operators, as well as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Tower, and other communications operators, electric power such as STATE GRID Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid Company Limite, etc., has been highly recognized by customers at home and abroad. We focus on customer experience and meet customer needs.

China Communications + China Electric = CCE